What should I be taking to stay healthy?

There are so many supplements and vitamins out there. A, B, C, D.... It can be so overwhelming. Well I am going to simplify if for you. After extensive research the three main vitamins that are extremely important in increasing your immunity and also decreasing your symptoms if you are exposed to Covid 19 are the following.

Vitamin C, Zinc and Melatonin.

It is recommended to take oral and IV vitamin C for treatment and for also increasing your immunity.

The dosage for oral vitamin C is below:

Melatonin is also a key factor in immunity, it is shown to work with Vitamin C and help decrease inflammation. See dosage below:

There is also research that Vitamin D3 is anti-inflammatory and should be taken daily. The dosage is 5000 IU daily and can be given by injection.

All of the above mentioned vitamins and supplements are available for purchase at Optimal Health and Wellness. You may also make an appointment for an infusion and/or an injection.

Call us today at 330-967-0318. We are here to help you stay healthy!!

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